Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's your IP??

Thanks to Life in the Fun Lane, I found this great quiz to find out what my Interior Personality is. Here's mine:
18-27 Northern Green
13-29 Pebblestone
9-32 Balsa
12-20 Sudan
8-21 Sturdy Table
17-32 Bay
16-27 Muted Lime
13-27 Tripoli Sand
8-18 Sicilian Umber
14-22 Yucca Green
17-26 Sea Oat
16-27 Mossy Shadow

Raffia is a collection of neutrals and interesting greens that signify a timeless appreciation of diversity. A person drawn to this palette appreciates texture and the importance of tactility in all surfaces. They wish for a sophisticated environment that is also casual. They seek a balance with nature and time.

I think it's pretty accurate for how I like to decorate. Although, as you saw in a previous post, I'm starting to love pale colors.

Take the quiz here & be sure to thank Life in the Fun Lane for sharing it with us!!

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Liana said...

ooh i love the palate! it looks really fresh for spring time :)