Monday, March 16, 2009


I've been MIA to my Google Reader and blog this weekend. Let me explain why.

*Directly after work, I meet Z and we drive my car to these people's house because they're interested in buying it (listed it on Craigslist Wednesday). They do NOT have it together, to put it nicely. We leave.

*I ran down to the mall to meet a girl I sold some wedding stuff to.

*Drove straight home (got stuck in rush hour traffic) & did a suupperrr fast clean-up of our house before friends of ours arrived 10 min. later.

*We get together with friends of ours for Bible Study almost every friday night, but this past friday a newlywed couple who are good friends of ours had just gotten back from 2 months of mission work in Mexico. They hadn't bought a house yet, so we told them [2 weeks ago] they could stay with us until they found something (except for the time my family would be visiting). They'd been back since Monday, so we figured they didn't need a place to stay. Friday night we find out they do want to stay with us.

*They move in at noon. Note: My family arrives Friday evening & I had a week of projects and cleaning planned. Note #2: I love them. It was just baadd timing.

*We go out to lunch (yum- Cracker Barrel!)

*Spend the afternoon talking with them- or rather listening- the guy is a born talker.

*Sat. night finally got a coat of darker black paint on my coffee tables- she helped.

Sunday- [We usually get EVERYTHING done on Sunday]
*Z and I get up and get ready right away to go pick up a table & 7 chairs we found on craigslist for $40. That leads to picking up a sander and some other tools at a hardware store & a stop at Wal-Mart for primer. Good, productive morning.

*We get back and changed to go out & work in the garage. BUT- they wanted to show us their pictures from Mexico (We really wanted to see them.. just not right that second).

*2 hours later we're listening to the letter they wrote the orphanage (8 pages) and my family calls on Skype because they're having a birthday party for my sisters and wanted to include us. Had to wait on that so as not to be rude.

*He gets done reading letter, I call family back on webcam, and these ladies show up that want to buy our car. *sigh* Goodbye, family.

*Car is test driven, cash is handed over, and car is sold. Yay!

*I head out to garage.. again. Then proceed to get another coat of the blacker paint on coffeetables, sand down new table top, prime table top, table base and one chair.

*During this time the couple says they're going to his brothers house and might not be back since the brother is going to be out of town for the next week and they can have his house to themselves. A little later, 3 more of Z's friends show up, so he heads inside to spend time with them. I stay in garage.

*About 9pm I get a coat of Polyurethane on the coffee tables which had dried in the 5 hours I'd been out there working. I come inside and wash off the ginormous amount of paint, primer, and poly on my hands. Friends were just heading out the door.

*Realized I'd forgotten to eat ALL day.

*Z and I collapse. End of weekend.

Endnote: Couple did end up staying with brother, so even though we enjoy their company, it will be nice to have a bit of sanity & time to get things done before my family gets here. Yes, I'm attempting to overhaul an entire dining set and finish up a coffee table and end table by Wed.-Thurs. Lord, help me.

My emotions this weekend:

to this:

to this:
(Keep Smiling- I WILL catch up this week!!)

PS- I can't wait to show you the furniture!!


Lindsey said...

You were one busy bee!!

S. said...

oh man I was just exausted from reading how busy you were! crazy. at least you got a ton done!

Mary Michal said...

Such a busy weekend!