Friday, March 6, 2009 Review #2

I previously did a review on for their prints, which are amazing. Fantastic quality!
But, I finally got in a few other items that I wanted to give you a review on!
  • 8"x8" Photobook: We got 3 of these as gifts for our grandparents.
(this is our back cover)
  1. I thought they were lacking a bit as far as variety of background styles and layouts to choose from, but I think it depends on what your theme is for the book. If I were just looking for something fun, or baby-themed, it'd be great!
  2. They take a bit longer to process and ship- don't expect to see them for at least ~2 weeks.
  3. They're cheap! Artscow is actually running a special right now where you get them for $6.99 plus free shipping! (Remember, they're from China- they're cheap!)
  4. Quality- as far as this goes, I have mixed feelings. They worked just fine as a grandparents gift. However, the photos in the book are no where near the same quality as the prints. Granted, it's printed on a good quality paper instead of actual photo paper, so that's to be expected to some extent. If you're looking for something high quality to keep as a momento or maybe for your parents, I'd look for something a bit more professional. However, the price is definitely right for a small gift or if you're scrapbooking-disabled. :)
  • 3-ring Key chain:
  1. We got this for FREE because of all the free credits Artscow gives you when you sign up!
  2. I LOVE it. The 3-ring style keeps all my different keys organized!
  3. Um, Hello! You only pay shipping & it's really well made!! Order one!
  • Personalized Playing Cards:
  1. I got these for Z for Valentines Day & He loved them! We'd been needed a new deck, and this was the perfect price: FREE as well, with a free credit.
  2. With this particular deck, you pick one image for the back of all the cards, and up to 54 different images for the fronts, behind the numbers/suits. I just did a different pictuer for each suit. There are also decks with regular fronts, and just a picture on the back.
  3. The cards are great quality as well, and come with a nice clear plastic case for storage. And once again, you ONLY pay shipping!!!
  • Oval Magnets:
  1. Once again, a free credit- only pay shipping.
  2. The picture quality on the magnets was very surprising! It's great! We love them!

And.. Since I need a new apron, this baby's next on the list!

Now, one more thing about Artscow- you get free credits whenever you refer people as well. So, if you have friends or family that take digital photos (who doesn't??), send them a referral email!! And if you're going to sign up anyway, I'd love it if you'd do so via this link, or the one above so I can score some neat stuff as well! Thanks & happy picture taking!! :)

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