Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Being Random.. on Tuesday

  • The visit with the family is going GREAT! It's so wonderful having them here! We're pretty busy though- thus the reason that I've been slacking a little bit on blog posting. So far we've had a big get-together at our house, given them a tour of our town, played some mini-golf [I guess midwesterners call it putt-putt?], gone to some batting cages, gone outlet shopping, had a movie night, and eaten tons of food (pictures to come). Right now they're checking out the air force museum while Z & I are working. After work Z & dad are heading to the Honda dealership because my dad has recently become interested in Goldwings (it's a motorcycle- it's okay- I wouldn't have known either). Then bowling tonight and who knows what else the rest of the week.
  • Yes, you heard me say outlet shopping. It wasn't that glorious though- we had a good time and got a few deals, but my parents had way better luck finding stuff than my sisters and I did. You know it's bad when your dad buys more clothes than all 3 of his daughters! I got a cute J Crew tee and and a top from Gap. I also picked up some bath & body works goodies and a mysterious object from the Pottery Barn outlet that will make it's appearance in my upcoming 100th post giveaway. No hints yet!
  • I spent a while Sunday night teaching my dad how to use his facebook account. We all got a kick out of it!
  • I got a new phone- the Samsung Sway. My review? Don't bother with it. It looks super cute & love the slider, but the battery life sucks & the texting is slow. I'm calling Verizon to see if I can get it switched.
  • I had a freaky nightmare last night that had me talking out loud enough that I woke myself and Z up at 3:30 am. Gah! Thank goodness for husbands to hold you and make it okay til you can fall back asleep! I haven't had a freaky dream since my series of Betty Boop ones back when I was little (Please, please, please, don't ask! lol).
  • If I didn't have self control, I'd smack the guy who dumped my sister the day before they came out here. He's ...grrr.... nevermind. I'll be nice. She's hurting even though she's trying to be strong and for a super-protective sister, that's hard to watch.
  • If you would, keep Z & I in your prayers as we have some important financial decisions to make coming up. I'm afraid we might not see entirely eye-to-eye on them, so there will have to be plenty of praying, discussion, and compromise.
  • We watched Smoke Jumper last night and surprisingly it was a pretty good movie! Definitely worth the watching!

Anyway, I can't wait to show you some pix from our adventures this week/weekend & I'll get a post up asap. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday & thanks for your sweet comments lately!! :)


Lindsey said...

Busy bee! Poor sister, what a jerk!

Praying for you and Z!

Another Day In Paradise said...

I am so happy everything is great with your family's visit! Oh, and in Canada...we call it putt-putt too! lol...

C said...

Thanks Lindsey!

Another day- lol! I didn't realize you were from Canada! So neat!

Bluebird said...

I'm sorry your phone is working out so great for you...but I'm glade to know that because the husband and I both need new phones and we were thinking about getting that one. Guess not! I wish Verizon had better phones that didn't cost an arm-and-a-leg! I like some of their blackberries, but can justify paying an extra $30/month for the data package.