Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting it Together!

Okay, so I've decided it's time I kick my butt into gear. In lots of areas.

#1- At work. When I started my job, I didn't have a clear job description, or a title. My sister in law (then roommate) got me the job because she'd worked for my boss's wife while in high school and college. Basically, I spent the first 6 months or so bored. They knew they needed someone else in the office, but the guy whose load I was supposed to be lessening didn't like letting go of what he did (he's the treasurer of the company and 67- one of those types that'll end up working til they die). But lately, things have picked up, we're going to be getting an expensive new software system, and I've taken on a lot more responsibility. Therefore, I've been trying to be more efficient. I don't have time to get on the nest all day or perouse facebook for hours. It's time to get down to work. Which, hopefully means a pay increase in the near future! :)

#2- Getting in shape. I've posted about how my mom and I were trying to lose 10 lbs. each before they came out to visit. Well, pretty much, I've gotten no where. The problem? I get off work at 4. If I have to go grocery shopping or run any other errands, I do it right after work. Z gets of at 4:30, so usually we make it home close to the same time. I used to go to the gym after running errands, but that put me home around 6:30. To try and cook supper and have it ready any earlier than 7:30 was a stretch. And THAT was eating late. Then by the time we're done cleaning up supper it's like 8:30 and we do some stuff around the house, maybe spend a little time together and it's time for bed. And we're up at 6am the next morning. Sounds fun, eh? Hence the reason I've been slacking on going to the gym lately. So.. I keep hearing all these rave reviews about the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. I'm about 30 seconds away from pushing the order button on Amazon. It's like $8!! Can't go wrong, right?? If you've used this, I'd love to hear your opinion of it! From what I've heard it's 20 minute workouts, and they increase in intensity over time. I can totally handle 20 min!!Also, I'm going on a fruits and veggies fast for the next 2 days- I'll start eating normal again on Saturday. I'm going grocery shopping tonight because my fruit & veggie supply is already becoming depleted! :)

My one thing I don't get with getting in shape is this: I tried calorie counting last week, and I ALWAYS consumed way less calories than I burned (according to what the average person would burn doing certain activities). And I didn't lose any weight or see any difference at all last week. So maybe I have a slow metabolism?? I've always eaten super good compared to my friends, but always had a harder time keeping slim. Granted, I've never been overweight at all, but I just had to work hard for it.

#3- Around the house. Last night a spent a couple hours in the garage staining a DIY curtain rod I'm working on, and sanding and painting our coffee & end tables. I'm starting to be more productive getting projects around the house done. My family comes to visit from New England in 2 WEEKS & that was my deadline for getting said projects done! So whether it's my ambition kicking in, or just the urgency put on by the nearing arrival date, it's making me get going! :)

Spring is just around the corner (hopefully!!) and I really want it to be a time of refreshing and renewal. Anyone else have areas they want to get together?? Let me know, and I'll be your cheerleader! We could all use a little support, right? :)

Here's some spring-y photos to brighten your morning(or whenever you read this!).(this last one is only how cheery I can hope to be when it's time for spring cleaning!!)


Lori said...

your not the only one who is slacking in their projects.. so am I. I was working on my wii fit everyday, but i haven't been on in about 3 weeks. Also I did a lot of scrapbooking.. well that hasn't happened in...lets see... 2 months or more. I really want to work on things and put stuff in a book for titus, but he tends to take up some of my time. Plus i sleep whenever I can.

Kristin said...

I've finished 3 days of the shred..about to go do 4. It's SERIOUS. The day after i did it the first time I could barely walk, my thighs hurt! but after I did it the second time it got way better, still a serious workout but at least i didn't die the next day!! it's toally worth the 8 dollars! i paid 10 at B&N but i'm so happy i did. DO IT!

C said...

Glad you can relate Lori!! & Kristin- thanks for the info- I'll definitely post about how it all goes!

Life at the White House said...

i need to try "the shred"....have you bought it yet? your thoughts?