Monday, March 2, 2009


...bought a Wii!!!Saturday night, after a good dinner at Ruby Tuesday's we had to run into Wal-Mart to grab a couple things. As we were wandering by the electronics section Z said something about how it would be fun to get a Wii. I think he was a little surprised I thought it was a good idea too. So then we start talking about it and by the time we got home we'd decided to get one. We figured we'd search the internet a bit for good deals, since we're famous for that. [My dad, upon hearing we were getting a Wii: "They must have found some online deal!"] Sure enough, Sunday afternoon Z stopped by a couple's house he found on craigslist, and picked up a Wii console, a remote & nunchuck, 3 of the D controllers, and 4 games for $250! It had hardly ever been used, and while we were leary of buying via craigslist, it's been great!!

Oh, and did I mention, Z kicked my butt royally at some old school SuperMario games that were on there?!?! He enjoyed it a little to much. It's okay though, because I beat him at bowling. :) We NEVER played video games as kids, and Z and I'd never even been interested in them until the Wii came out. Anyone else out there been made a believer by the Wii?? :)

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