Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Randoms

  • Yes, I know it's usually Wednesday Randoms, but yesterday was sick day #2.
  • Sick day #2 actually produced some nice results:
  1. A cleaned out fridge (no more moldy leftovers!!)
  2. A completed mystery shop (I don't like rescheduling these, and besides, when doesn't shopping make a girl feel better??)
  3. A new pair of pants for Z!! Sexy soft dark khaki chinos from said mystery shop locale for $13!!
  4. A de-cluttered house
  5. A mothers day present bought way ahead ( I couldn't resist! ... No, mom, I'm not telling you )
  6. Supper on the stove when Z got home
  7. A nicely scrubbed shower
  8. Suupperr cute new earrings
  • In case you're wondering, yes I WAS sick yesterday. But around 1pm, I wasn't doing too bad and I was sick of laying on the couch. I HAD to get out
  • My 30 Day Shred DVD came in today! I'm kickin' it with Jillian tonight!!
  • The repair shop called today and it turns out the $700 fix on Z's truck is done... and is going to cost us $1300. Great.
  • I thought the furniture I painted was done. Then I brought it inside. No, I'm a perfectionist, and the Dark Dark Grey color will not suffice!! I want BLACK. So Z and I ran to Menards. $20 later, I'm ready to slap some darker paint on those babies!
  • I'm loving getting rid of my wedding stuff! The pile is getting smaller & my paypal account plumper. Only a few more items to go!
  • This cold has left me with a strange problem. My left ear hurts.. like inside. My nurse mom says it's just from the congestion. I'm just sniffly now, not all stuffed up like before, so I'm hoping and praying it goes away on it's own. Please don't be a sinus infection!
  • Confession: I actually pray for my blog friends! Like, if you blog about something tough and I comment saying I'll pray for you- I do! I've never met the vast majority of you guys, but you do find a way into my "real life". Sometimes I feel funny if I'm praying and I can only remember your blog name, and not your real name. Oh well, God knows what it is, right? ;)

[Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post! I'll make up for it I promise!]

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