Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Finished Product

Well, I figured since I rambled about the furniture overhaul so much last week, I should share the after pictures. I still need to add another coat of poly but I'll wait til after the family leaves to do that. For the time being, I'm loving it! Here it is- The chairs- 2 with primer, 2 with nothing.

And to the left, the table base with primer on.

To the right- me talking on the phone while starting the first coat of paint on the primer. Don't ya love my awesome plaid shirt? It's an old one Z let me wear. You know I wasn't about to get my shirts all paint covered! Gotta love it!!

Left: The table top with one coat of paint.

Right: Table base with one coat.

Left: Chairs getting their first coat of paint. Wow, these babies took forEVER! And of course I didn't spray paint- each one took approximately 1/2 hours. Whew! :)

And finally, 16 hours later:

A "new" dining set ready to entertain!!

Approximate cost of project:
$40 - table & chairs via craigslist [not counting the 3 other vintage-y chairs I'm going to refinish]
$15 - paint brushes / mini rollers
$20 - paint, primer, polyurethane (quart sizes)
$15 - refurbished belt sander (was $30, but I'm only counting half since we'll use it again and again!)

Total: $90
For a Dining set (table has removable leaf) that looks almost new!!

What do you think? Worth the effort? :)


Lindsey said...

GORGEOUS!!! Love it!

Another Day In Paradise said...'re my hero - seriously! You did an incredible job!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

HOLY CRAP girl! Nice work!

C said...

Thanks ladies!! Glad you like it!! :)