Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fabric Madness

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments. Z and I have come to a temporary compromise on an important issue that will do until we have time to study and look into things further. I really do think that the whole family/husband issue is one that will get better in time. I've decided not to beat myself up for not having it all figured out after 4 months of marriage. :)

Now for some more craziness that swims around in my head. Fabric. Glorious fabric. I have the hardest time choosing when I get to the store! And, I have to make a trip soon to pick up some fabric to upholster the seats of those vintage-y chairs we got with the dining set. This is my dilemma: I'm in love with more than one pattern. And like all heartbreaking love stories, I have to choose. I'll probably paint the legs and back of the chair black to go with our living room, which gives me options. Too many. Damask? Toile? Paisley? Something of the like?Paisley

Now, so you can picture it on a chair:

What do you think?
Note: the design of the chair is similar to the last one. I have two without arms and one with.


The Kendalls said...

i love all three!!! but as for how it actually looks on the chair i think i like damask the best. :) it's elegant but not too much going on so that you can't enjoy the print, you know?

i'm on a roll with "commenting" today i guess. :) now it's off to make some dinner for the hubs- loved finding your blog, though!

Kristin said...

damask. always damask! :)

Another Day In Paradise said...

I love the Damask! It looks so classy and fabulous

Ashley Paige said...

Damask! Ooooh, I love it!! I've been SO inspired by your furniture re-vamp that I'll be hitting up a few yard sales and estate sales this weekend with Hubs to check out some old pieces! I'm so excited!

C said...

Thanks for the input!!

Ashley- Aww, I'm honored! :) You definitely have to post on it when you find something!!

C said...
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The Ratpack said...

I LOVE the damask print!! I've been wanting to do my living room in black and white with a pop of green, and I'm always drawn to that black and white damask!

Valentines Gifts For Him, Valentine dinner said...

I love the damask. It looks like vintage but elegant. In fairness, I love black and white colors and damask suits it...
I love the design of damask because it looks cute and I think it is made of durable materials..
Actually my bed sheet is colored black and white...LOL....

Thanks to damask!!!!