Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Randoms

  • Something has been wrong with me lately. I've been... lethargic. Is that the right word? I think so.. Anyway, I ususally do most of my house cleaning on the weekend, and Z and I ususally have somewhere to go as well. Aside from our date Saturday night we didn't go anywhere, but I still felt like doing NOTHING. Sure, I got a couple projects done, but it was freezing cold outside so I spent most of my time reading and sipping some cider..and sleeping. Lots of sleeping. And this week, I'm still tired!! blah.. I'm ready for spring.
  • Despite the slump, I decided to try to be productive yesterday.. and I probably had the most productive day at work since I started here over a year ago. It felt so good! Then last night I actually got some housecleaning done, and almost all of the last of our wedding thank you postcards done (yes, I know, it's been 2 1/2 months since our AHR, I'm a slacker).
  • I had another flutter moment last weekend- I mentioned a spa having a massage special to Z and he told me he'd rather give me a massage after our dinner date Saturday. This is a bit out of character for him- he's not really into giving massages. But, sure enough Saturday night came and I got an amazing 1/2 hour massage with oil from my own husband! It was soo relaxing, and I was just touched he did it! Oh, and my sister's response to hearing this: "Yeah, I bet the rest of the night wasn't so relaxing..." Ha! Such a wise 16-year-old.. :)
  • I miss my piano. I've played since I was like 5, and when I'm playing.. it's like God and I are the only ones there. It's just an amazing release and meditation for me. And now that I moved out and don't have the one in the chapel @ college, I'm lonely!! Back before we got married and were buying a house, Z bought me one for my birthday. But, when we decided not to buy the house at the last minute (long story), we didn't have any place with room for it, and couldn't keep it. I have a keyboard at our appartment now, but it's just not the same!! SO, in the meantime, I've taken up listening to some piano greats while at work, and I've fallen in love. Jim Brickman (used one of his songs in our wedding), David Nevue, and John Tesh - I owe you men. Their music is just heavenly!! So, speaking of pianos- Check out this crazy grand piano I found online!

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Lori said...

that is one crazy looking piano. I didn't know what it was until I read the blog.