Monday, March 9, 2009


So I finally got around to digging out my wedding stuff, taking an inventory, and selling it off. And this is why I love the knot/nest: I had all but 2 items spoken for within 45 min. of posting it on there. A-Maze-ing! But you know what that means... a little extra cash back in the pocket, and I can't complain about that! Z and I have made a couple necessary (okay, not really, but kind of) larger purchases lately- a new home computer, a Wii, getting his truck fixed, new folding chairs, etc. so the extra cash makes me feel a little better about the expenditures. However, it also put me in the mood for a little online "window shopping". Check out these babies!!
I'm in love.
Foliage Silhouette Coat from Forever 21- $39.80
And just so I can take my fall dark purple obsession into spring- a lighter shade!
Sleeveless Knit Dress from Forever 21- $11.50 (!!!)
There must be some occasion this summer I could wear this...
Printed embossed-cotton Aubrey halter dress from J Crew- $79.99 on clearance

Okay, and as I was "shopping" I came across this:
from J Crew.
Could someone PLEASE tell me who on this green(currently brown) earth can pull one of these off?? Seriously- if you can, you either have an extremely short torso or are just that good. I do believe that if I were to wear one of these, it would stay up for about a nanosecond before exposing my normally modest self to whoever was around. Risky business, people, risky business!

So this post was supposed to be about me trading wedding stuff for a new spring wardrobe, but I hereby change that. It's about this bathing suit. Really. I want to know if anyone is actually talented enough to keep this number up!

Sorry, I blame it on the Monday thought pattern!


Lindsey said...

ooo I love all of these, especially the bathing suit!!

Another Day In Paradise said...

I blogged about that purple dress from Forever 21 last week! I love it, great minds think alike!!

C said...

Thanks ladies! & Another day- yes they do girl! :)

Chic Runner said...

love that baithing suit, but your right it looks like it's for a small child. Also, I have a jacket like that from Forever and I wear it with everything. I love it! :)

C said...

Ooh! I'm so glad you commented about the coat. Z was just telling me he didn't like it! haha ;)

S. said...

i tried on a suite very similar to the one above and it was not comfy at all! it felt like it was going to fall off and the sizing was all wrong. i do not recommend it!