Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Today is Good

This morning I was beginning to slip into a negative mood. I HATE being in bad moods, so I decided to suck it up and get a grip on what wonderful things are really in my life. This was a good reminder! Thanks Cristina! So anyway, I'm flipping around my negatives & making them positives.

  • We have been house hunting seriously for a few months now, as most of you know. We've put offers in on 3 houses, only to get beaten on counting all we did BEFORE we got married, only to end up homeless after our honeymoon). We would really really like a house. The designer in me just wants to get to work making it look pretty (as in, I have paint colors already picked out, people). But you know what? God has been closing those doors for us. And I am SO thankful to have a God who is involved in our life and cares enough to steer us in the right direction, even if we don't like it. So thank you, Lord, for teaching us faith and patience, and for directing this endeavor.
  • My back has been killing me for a while now. Probably thanks to the time I rolled my parents Ford Expedition (twice) or my waterskiing accident that put me in a back brace. But you know what? I called on Tuesday for a Chiropractor appointment, and they got me in tonight. What a blessing! Last time I had to wait for almost 2 weeks. I'm SO looking forward to my adjustment!
  • I have a super busy night tonight- I'm preparing for a visit from my cousin that was in our wedding(that's us in the picture!). I have that appointment, grocery shopping, cleaning my entire house, finishing the projects I have spread out all over our patio, and laundry. But you know what? I have wonderful family, and I am SO blessed that she's coming to visit me. AND, I'm so thankful we don't have to worry about money for groceries or my many projects. :) AND, I have a hubby who not only doesn't mind having a bazillion half-finished projects everywhere, but encourages it & helps me out around the house.
  • My hair is going crazy right now. I'm well overdue for a cut, and therefore my curly-Q ends are getting rather.. fuzzy. BUT, you know what? I'm thankful for curly hair. I can easily grab a flat-iron & go straight, wash it, and it's curly again! AND, I have a free cut&style left on a spa package I bought, so I won't be shelling out any extra Moolah for that one!
It's never as bad as we think it is, ladies! And in case you still need a little extra pick me up, chew on this:

If you're not in a good mood now, I'm not sure if I can help you! ;)

OH, and PS- It's almost the weekend!!


Lucy Marie said...

Thank you for that. I was letting negativity creep on in today ... not anymore!

Cristina said...

If I had that kitchen I would never leave home...seriously!

AmberDenae said...

LOVED this post! You're such a darling and I love how you turned your negatives into positives! :)

I also have naturaly curly hair but it makes getting ready in those early mornings SO much easier, huh?! Sometimes I hate it, other times I love it! :)

Love the photos. You have impecable taste!

YES, it's almost the weekend!! I hope yours is fabulous!!

Michele said...

Hi! I just found your blog over at 20something bloggers and I'm really loving it. I love how you turned the negatives into positives. Good for you!

Look forward to hearing what you have to say in the future!

Lindsey said...

I want that kitchen!!! So pretty!

New England Girl said...

I hope your appointment tonight goes well and that you have fun visiting with your cousin! :) I love how you actively took part in changing your mood... so many people allow themselves to be grumps. It's no fun and it's SO refreshing to see other people who take control of their emotions and turn negative situations into positives. :)

Oh, and THANK YOU for posting those photos. I echo Cristina's sentiments: If I had that kitchen, I would never, ever leave. I'd be making more food and baked goodies than people could eat. :)


The Ratpack said...

aww what a sweet post! Sometimes that's all you need, to realize you need to get over the bad, and count your blessings! The pictures help too, though! Love that navy blue room!

b is for brown said...

thank you for this! i need need need to do this!