Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Back, My Feet, and.. Well, nevermind

Update on the back situation: I've been in a LOT of back pain lately, despite seeing the Chiropractor 2 weeks ago. Seriously, I'm too young to have back problems. But this is what I've gathered from talking with the Dr. so far:
  • Rolling an SUV off the side of an embankment & flipping twice is not good for your back.
  • Neither is taking a wipe-out on waterskiis and putting yourself in a back brace. Oops.
  • Once your back is feeling better, it's not a good idea to carry 45+ lbs. on your back while hiking the smokey mountains. Oops again.
  • My range of motion in turning my head is awful. So I need to get it fixed or I'll be one of those old people who can't turn their head to see what's beside them.
  • I have a low skull. (Z thinks that's funny for some reason) He can't get to my top vertebrae to adjust it. Surprisingly, I don't have a short neck (go ahead.. look at past posts and check ;) ).
  • The Dr. told me the last time he adjusted me could have just made it worse. Wonderful.
  • It's a bad sign that I have to crack my back hourly just to relieve pressure.
So.. I have another appointment tomorrow. Please, Lord, I'd like to feel young again! :) Anyone else have back problems? Any suggestions?

On another note, the running has been going well. It's blistering hot & humid, so I've been waiting til right before dusk to go. But I'm having the same problem I did in HS cross country- my feet are starting to blister. I'm looking at buying new running shoes. Any suggestions? Or other ways to keep your feet a little less painful?? Yesterday Z and I got up at 5:30 to Shred before work.. Oy! Jillian and I do NOT get along first thing in the morning!

I have an OBGYN appt. on Monday. SO not looking forward to it. That's all.


d.a.r. said...

Get some Wright Socks!! Seriously they are amazing. I just googled them to find a dealer selling them. It's physically impossible to get blisters with them on.

And I hope your back gets better soon. That sounds kinda miserable!

Vanessa said...

ha OBGYN apts, wonderful... I heart those.

Which reminds me, I keep putting off mine until we move so I can find a new lady-parts doctor.

Goodluck on monday, and I hope your back feels better soon!

Going to a massage therapist regularly and BEFORE an adjustment helps too.

Carol said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you are having back problems and I hope the appointment goes well

Cristina said...

oh no, I hope your back feels better soon. I used to get spasams - I know what you're going through! OBGYN appointments are not fun...good luck!

b is for brown said...

soooo sorry about your back! that is no good. wish i could offer up some great advice but i have none. :(

as for the gyno, tell me about it.

here is the other rug. i know. a hand? well, we saw it in the store and the couch was covering it and you could not tell it was a hand and it looked fabulous.

and how long have you been shredding? i need to get back on the train!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I've had back problems for years. I love to take Epsom Salt bath to help relax and ease some of the tension/pain.

Lucy Marie said...

Sorry about your back. I don't really have back problems but I have knee and ankle joint issues, I know what it feels like to wish you could just feel your age. I feel like an old woman quite often.

S. said...

wow so much going on with you! i hope your back starts feeling better. my back is sore due to pregnancy. lovely. hang in there!

Jon and Steph said...

Owwww! That does not sound fun at all. I hope you doctor's appointment goes well!

Chelsea said...

I'm 24 and have an old person back too. I have a herniated disc. You just have to learn to adapt. Don't lift heavy things if there is someone around to help. I sleep with pillows under my legs a few nights a week. I'm also not allowed to run or do anything that'll cause impact. It sucks but you can work around it. So sorry!

jlc said...

hoping your back gets better soon!!


Kristin said...

i have a horrible lower back. gymnastics wasnt for me. anyway, i just got some puma's that i LOVE i had shocks but they screwed my back up even more running but i loved the nike+ option so i wore them anyway. bad choice. But yes, my pumas are the colls i think (they are featured in a previous post) but i love them, and they ahve a "built in sock" and i usually get horrible blisters if i run w/o socks but with these i can and it's not a problem at all. i got them a the woman's journeys place called shii.

oh and have fun at the OBGYN i am avoiding that like the plauge.