Monday, June 1, 2009

One More Day

I have been totally spoiled having my mom here for the past few days. We have had so much fun together. I thought I brought the right connector to work to be able to post pix today, but nope. Didn't happen! So instead, here's an older shot of my mom & I from my wedding:
I unfortunately had to work today, so she's off outlet shopping (boo!). Tonight's our last night together & she's totally babying me & cooking dinner. I secretly think she misses mommy-ing me. That, or it's just instinct. :) Our relationship has a fun mix of dynamics now that I'm on my own. There's the part where we go out shopping & to the spa together like friends, but there's still the part where I hug & kiss her goodnight, let her cook me dinner, & lean on her when we're watching a movie.

And know what else is great? Z loves having her here too! I'm so blessed that my hubby loves spending time with my family- that he's not one of those husbands who avoids the in-laws! Although, who could blame him?- My family's awesome (yes, I'm biased). :)

Anyway, back to regular blogging tomorrow- I have some super fun stuff to share!! Thanks for hanging in there while the posts are a bit sparse and bland!


Lucy Marie said...

My mom misses baby-ing me too. She spoils me whenever she comes to visit or I go to visit her. I'm so glad you're having a nice time with her.

Lindsey said...

Awww your mom is so cute!!

AmberDenae said...

Awww, so sweet to be able to have this time with your mama. :)She seems like an amazing lady (as are you)!

Mary Michal said...

You look so much like your mom. Such a great pic!

Brett Alexandra said...

awww! Our moms are identical. She loves to baby me when she comes to visit. I hate it when she leaves!!

Great picture! You were such a pretty bride:)

jlc said...

Awww you two ladies are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Having fam around is seriously the best.