Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Randoms

  • Bachelorette Party went great this weekend! Had a fab time with the girls- lots of fun. Didn't end up staying over night- I took most of your advice & just left once things were dying down. And by dying down, I mean 70% of the girls were asleep when the movie ended. So, it worked out great all-around. Z was waiting up for me when I got home aroung 2am. :)

  • I've decided I'm going to be a runner. No, not just "start running". I decided I'm going to have the lifestyle of a runner, as in, I need to do it. So, I'm starting out slow & short. Working myself up to more, and not getting overwhelmed. I plan on finding a 5k to run sometime this summer or fall. It's not far, but you gotta start somewhere, right?? And, once again, thanks to You girls.. It's still your fault. :) I absolutely hate running, but the results are so worth it. My coping tactic right now is just trying to feel my body getting stronger as I run. That, and checking out my neighbors landscaping in FULL DETAIL and game-planning what I'll do when we get our own yard... Totally takes my mind of the fact that I'm panting and my ankles are killing me. :) Ran both Saturday and Sunday. Yay me!

  • I'm getting super sick of house-hunting. I just want it to be over with! I've lost track of how many houses we've either put an offer in on, or been ready to, only to find out we've been outbid, or there's already a pending contract. The competitor in me wants to beat down the competition, but somehow that doesn't work with real estate.. :)

  • I'm unbelievably white. Like pasty. Z's arm next to mine makes me look like an Albino. SO not attractive. And since it's becoming shorts & tank-tops season, I NEED to do something about it. Only problem is.. I'm thinking I don't really want to lay out in a bikini where the tenants beside us can be peeping-toms. I really don't want to go back to the tanning beds, but it's oh-so-tempting!! I really can't pull off the pasty-white look like this girl. ->
  • I'm thinking about a blog-makeover. If you have used someone to create yours, please share! I want to go custom, but I'm not sure I can do it myself, so I'm willing to hire!

Happy Monday Everyone! Have a great workweek!


Justine said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the bacholorette party! :)

I decided that I was going to start running too! Today I was supposed to start, buttt I can't find my keys, so I can't leave. :(

I am also pasty, I have come to terms with that I will never be tan. :) I am fine with it now, but when we move to Florida in August, I may change my mind. :)

And, if you're looking for someone to do a blog makeover, check out Louise at, she did mine and she does great work! Check her out! :)

Sorry I just wrote a book! :)

Lindsey said...

YAYAYA for running as a lifestyle! What a great concept, maybe I should do this too!

Jorden & Kristin said...

Okay so we have a ton in common...
-Instead of going to TN for the weekend I stayed home to be with my hubby (i was sick but not THAT sick!)

-I'm doing the whole running thing too...If you want to do a 5k up here one of my co-workers is hosting one in memory of her daughter plus you and Z could make a fun weekend out of it! :)

-go to where I get all my layouts. Just redid mine today! :) for the header I made it at Email me if you want help! :) i love doing them!

-when I run i check out peoples houses and yards too!

-and the tanning beds are starting to call my name because i am that pasty white chick.. yuck.



Jasmine said...

well the running is a total no on my part... getting into shape on the other hand is a total YES!!! I've been working on 10 pounds to cut off but it's tough!!!

On the tanning thing... I'm with you there! I'm not extremely pail but pail enough! I don't want to tan in a tanning bed, although I have before. They say it's worse then natural sun for you!!! So in the fight to look young for a while I'm abandoning the tanning bed, at whatever cost!!

Jorden & Kristin said...

oh! and have you checked out this blog?!

talk about home inspiration.

picture. orgasms.

'nuff said.


mrsleahmaria said...

Nice work on your mental preparation towards running! It has so much more of an impact than even endurance!

I'm glad you had the best of both worlds with the BP!

As for the pastiness...sunless Tanner all the way girl. My nickname in high school was casper, bc I was so white. I've had 3 moles removed for biopsy and one was pre cancerous. Keep care of what you've got! I highly recommend sublime bronze by Loreal but a lot of products have come out since I first found that one!

Cristina said...

You are very brave to be starting a runner's lifesyle, good for you! I wish I had the stamina

Domestic Goddess said...

Hey girl!

Marina at Penny Lane does FABULOUS work...check our link on my blog...i can't quite remember her address!

have a good one!

Lucy Marie said...

I want to start running too but I just can't seem to get myself motivated. I use a sunless tanner too, like some other comments have said. I am so pasty it's not even funny.

d.a.r. said...

Good for you to starting to run!!! I skipped out all weekend while I was at that wedding and I feel totally disgusting. Hopefully you will grow to like it :)

I used Allison did a great job and really let me play around with the ideas/colors a billion times. Plus she is really inexpensive and FAST! I had mine done about 24 hours after I emailed her!

The Ratpack said...

I second Domestic Goddess. Penny Lane designs does AMAZING blog layouts! I haven't used her, but I plan on it someday!