Monday, June 15, 2009

..We're Just THAT Cool..

So last night Z and I get into a "tickle fight". Don't roll your eyes, you know you do it too.. ;) It of course happened just as I was ready to fall asleep. Then all heck broke loose and our competitive selves came out. Well, he had me just about pushed off the bed, and I wasn't about to go down alone, so I hauled him down with me. Then it happened. I started to sit back up really quickly just as he leaned down to tickle me again, and BAM! My nose smashed into his skull resulting in throbbing pain and a bit of a weepy wifey. After taking a moment to recover, we confirmed that it wasn't broken, and prayed it would look okay in the morning. Fortunately, my makeup covered it up just fine. However, I can't say I enjoy the feeling that a train ran over my face today.

Yeah. We're cool. :)


Vanessa said...

Ha... been there. I don't know how many Charley related injuries I've had while playing or objects we've broken.

So much so, that his mother doesn't let us wrestle in the house. One of us ends up hurt and her things end up broken.

They make for fun stories though. And you can always play the "battered wife" card and get what you want until the bruises go away.

Lindsey said...

Awww!! We have these too, I think we had one last night. But I hate them, I'm way too ticklish!

Lucy Marie said...

Ha ha! We've had situations like that except it usually ends up with me being mad at him and somehow blaming him for my pain!