Saturday, May 2, 2009

..You guessed it!

Those of you who guessed that I was recovering chairs were right! Only, it's not the office chairs. Those proved to be a little more difficult than I was expecting. I can't get the darn things apart! So, I reverted back to one of the 7 chairs I have sitting in the garage (oh you're supposed to put cars in garages? hmm..). I decided to tackle one of the chairs that we got with this set.

Now, to be fair, whoever guessed that I was using that fabric to make pillows, you're partially right. I used matching fabric to make pillows back a couple months ago. Then, I loved it so much that I bought the same print in an upholstery fabric. It's Waverly, by the way. I used the upholstery fabric from their Sun&Shade collection. It's a little pricey at $16.99/yd., but when it's love, it's love. And really, I only needed enough for a chair cushion. Totally justifiable right? :) ...thought so.

So, without further adieu, here she is!
Can you believe that this chic little lady once looked like this?:And with a little primer:
And then with one coat of spraypaint:
(By the way, I'll never use a brush to paint a chair again. What took me 1/2 before, now takes 10 min. max. wish I'd known that with the dining set!)
Making the seat comfy:
Screw the seat back on, and I have myself a chair to match my pillows:(Ignore stark apartment walls!)

That's also the coffee table I painted a few months ago. I'm kind of on a roll.. I blame it on this.


Ashley Paige said...

ahh! that chair looks phenomenal! haha i had to show my husband.. we really need to get on the refurbishing-wagon! great job! i love the pillows! :)

Brett Alexandra said...

This looks AWESOME! You are so good. I love that fabric too.

Megan said... looks amazing! I love that fabric!

Liana said...

omg it looks so good!!! im so impressed :)

Jon and Steph said...

Well done girl! That chair looks 1,000% better! Love the fabric!

Kristina said...

You're chair looks amazing! I'm actually planning to redo our chairs with almost the same fabric. Nice job!

The Porter Family said...

That is soooo cute! You are talented girl! :)