Friday, May 22, 2009

Call Me Annie..

Annie Oakley, that is. Due to the enormous amount of people that are apparently flocking to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park for Memorial Day, all the "normal" (a.k.a. front country) campsites are reserved. ALL. And it's a huge park. So, being the adventuresome duo that we are, we are resorting to back country camping. As in, you leave your car, carry everything you need with you, hike several miles, and find yourself a secluded spot off the trail to camp. No running water, no outhouses, no air mattress, no electricity, no anything.

Just me, my darling husband, a bazillion black bear that want to eat our food, a 50% chance of rain, and lots of bug spray, sun screen, and deodorant! What girl could ask for more? :)We'll be roughing it for one night, and hopefully staying somewhere with a shower night #2. Because this naturally curly hair does okay for one day without a shower, but more than that... well let's just say it wouldn't really give our trip that "romantic getaway" feeling we were going for! And cuddling up next to your hubby isn't quite as good with a rock in your back and a certain unpleasant odor wafting down to your nose.

But seriously though, I really am looking forward to the adventure of it all! I've done plenty of camping in my lifetime, and can probably set up a tent and start a fire faster than most men- thanks to my parents taking us kids growing up. I'm looking forward to checking out Z's mountain man skills as well! ;)

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekends!! I have a scheduled post for while we're gone, and I'll be back with lots of pictures on Tuesday!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

ooh, have fun my hubby would love this!

Lucy Marie said...

sounds oh so romantic!! enjoy my dear!

Liana said...

oh you're so much braver than me to go camping! cant wait to hear all about it, im sure you two will have so much fun!