Friday, May 15, 2009

Restaurant Condiments..

I have a slightly strange obsession with this dressing. It's Wendy's Reduced Fat Ranch. And people, if you haven't tried it, you need to go get some. It totally makes up for the crappy fast food salad! It's like the perfect ranch dressing with this surprising little zip of flavor.. and hello, it's reduced fat!! Not sure why I'm dedicating an entire post to this stuff, but I stopped in & got some with my side salad today after work and may or may not have thought about sucking it straight from the package. Yeah. That good.

Am I the only one with a restaurant (if Wendy's can be considered one) condiment obsession?? Please, if you have one, do share. It'll make me feel alot better about scheming to order a case of this stuff..


April said...

Remember the salad shakers that McDonald's used to have? You know - salad in a cup, add dressing, put on lid and shake until mixed? Yeah, I was obsessed with the ranch that they had for those! Mmmm ... it was so yummy! I was addicted.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love Wendy's ancho chipotle dressing! Yum!

Brett Alexandra said...

Buffalo Wild Wings southwest RANCH!!! Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.