Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retro Swimwear

I'm absolutely in love with Jantzen's 2009 line of Retro Swimwear. In my opinion, it's very flattering & forgiving in structure. Yesterday after work I got the urge (or rather I gave into the urge I'd been having for weeks) to go check out our local Marshalls. It's a rare occurance that I don't find an amazing deal in there!

So I walked in and was immediately greeted with their summer display area- Better known as the "make you fall in love with a million things you don't need" area. And fall in love I did. I saw this & was hooked:
Then, I tried it on, and knew it was love (this from a girl who HATES bathing suit shopping). Talk about flattering- the way the faux tankini top comes down below the top of the leg opening is genious. I've never liked seeing that area of the thigh right along your joint & bikini line- on anyone. I don't know why- It just made me squeamish (could be because of one too many woman who don't know the value of a good bikini wax or shave, but we won't talk about that). Well, problem solved. I love the polka dots, I love the tie in the back, I love the sweetheart neckline, I love the 50's glam feel, I love it all.

It even has detachable straps, shown here, in red:
And, it also comes in solid colors (more shown here):
I can't remember the last time I owned a one-piece bathing suit. But I've been keeping my eye out for one lately, and this sealed the deal. Can't wait to wear it for our week on the lake this summer.

Oh, and I can't finish without talking about the price. If you buy it direct from Jantzen, it will run you $100. If you buy it through an online discount site, it'll be about $80. Any guesses what I got it for??

Ridiculous, right?? I came home a very happy little wifey!!

Little did I know, this suit has actually gotten a good bit of publicity, shown here. I'm a wee bit proud I picked it out before knowing Elle & Vogue did too! ;)


Lucy Marie said...

SO cute!! I need a new bathing suit and I am dreading, dreading, dreading going to look for one.

Liana said...

love it!!! and for $25 even better :)

The Ratpack said...

omg I did not know about this line!!!!!! I love you for showing me this!! : ) Have to get one - have to!!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

What a fabulous steal!

AmberDenae said...

SO CUTE!!! I love it. You have very good taste, dear!

Lindsey said...

So cute and such a great price!!!

Jen said...

adorable - and $25!? amazing.

Bluebird said...