Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doggy Business..

As soon as Z & I get a house (we've been beat on 3 so far..bad market, my butt!), one of the first things we want to do is get a puppy. Every time we see a cute dog we just about melt! Z is convinced he wants a husky. Brett didn't help the situation much- with her adorable doggy pics and videos! I mean, look at little Ty:
But.. huskies get big. And I've heard they shed a lot. So I just don't know about that one..

So anyway, I need your input! Here's what I'd like in a dog:
  • Small to medium sized- NO huge guys if they're going to be let in our house- We watched Marley & Me!!
  • As little shedding as possible. We don't deal with dog hair well.
  • CUTE. And no, I don't consider poodles cute. (Sorry!)
  • Not a "yapper". I can't stand tiny dogs that just bark all. the. time.
  • Did I mention cute?
I'd love to hear about your dog experiences! And pictures or links to pictures will probably sway me the easiest! I'm a sucker for a cute puppy!


Ashley Paige said...

You need a "sheepie!" I'm addicted. Okay, so our Old English Sheepdog is kind of large- larger than usual tipping the scales at 84 lbs and only 9 months old. But females are much smaller. They'll only grow to be about 60-70lbs. That's medium sized! They're adorable. Loyal. Don't need a WHOLE lot of exercise but do need to be brushed.. ALOT. Like, three or four times per week- but if you start early, they learn to love it. They're 97% hypoallergenic AND they don't shed- Only before summer do they lose a little hair and it's their extra winter coat. They're super smart and they looooooooove to be part of a family!! Good luck choosing! It's soooo tough once you see their little cute puppy faces! :)

Mandy said...

Get a Shiba Inu! They are miniature Akitas and so perfect! We have one and we just love her. She is only 15 lbs. She does shed, but not much at all. She also hardly barks. She really is more like a cat than a dog soemtimes!

Check out this picture:

Mary Michal said...

I just love dogs!! So I definitely have an opinion about this. I hear that a labordoodle is a great dog to have if you don't like the shedding. They are a lab and poodle mix (don't worry, they are sooo cute!). They have a fun lab personality, and like a poodle, they don't shed. A brittany spaniel is also a good (ie...cute) option. But I have to say, my favorite type of dog is a pound dog. They really are the sweetest, best dogs.

Brett Alexandra said...

OMG! You don't realize how excited I got when I saw Ty's face on here:) You're a doll.

Yes, I've heard so many stories about how much they shed! We haven't seen too much of it yet but I'm sure it's just around the corner. They shed big time twice a year. They are also medium sized dogs. I think the males get pretty large but the females stay around 50 lbs. They aren't huge barkers either!

So...I know you said no poodles but how do you feel about poodle mixes? I know a few people like them because they don't shed. My friend and her family are obsessed with maltipoos. So obsessed that they have acquired 4 of them. They have the sweetest faces!! They don't shed but their hair can get matted sometimes. Her little girl was JUST around a pound when she was 6 weeks, I believe. She is two yrs old now and I think she is between 8-10 lbs. Very loving animals too!

Before we got Ty we wanted to get an Alaskan Klee Kai. They are the smaller version of an Alaskan Husky (they say they resemble more of the siberian). I think they shed too, though. They are adorable!

HAHA, sorry! I am going on and on! Let us know what you decide on!