Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

It seems like my weekends are just so busy all the time- I never get a chance to blog. So.. I think I'll start doing weekend recaps on Mondays- because I always do things over the weekend that I find blog-worthy- so here's the first one! (Please excuse the excessive amount of dashes in the previous sentance-- thanks.) :)

  • a note to Zumba: Please don't feel bad, Zumba! I still love you! See.. I know almost everyone cheated on you on Friday, but I'd never leave you for the balmy 45 degree weather! It's really not a bad thing that only a few people came to see you- it meant we got some quality time! And boy, you made me feel like I was going to drop by 6:30.. but that is why I love you. Don't give up, my darling! That little hip hop twist you threw in at the end was wonderful!

  • Z & I went to a class at his parents' church on the Holy Spirit. It was good.. but the pastor flew through things so quickly that you couldn't dig into anything. And with a topic as complex as the Holy Spirit.. you just can't rush & skim.
  • Traveled to Indiana for a birthday party for Z's cousin's wife- love her! We had a really good time! Didn't love the drive- seeing all the FLAT farmland reminds me of how much I miss New England.
Note: not my picture.. but it's actually flatter than this!
  • Got some MAJOR re-organizing done. Linen Closet, Storage Closet, Office drawers, Laundry room, Bathroom cabinets, Coat closet, Kitchen clutter, etc. I was happy. Cleaned the shower (I hate doing this for some reason), bathroom, dusted the whole house, did 5 loads of laundry, and Z vacuumed.
  • We tood a break after some of the cleaning and ran to Menards to pick some stuff up. We got a neat shelf & I got some wooden dowels to use in making DIY curtain rods.
  • When we got back to the apartment, it was nice outside so Z decided to wash our cars. While he was out in the garage, I decided to hang the canvases and letters in our guest room. I needed a hammer so I ran out to the garage to get one. Upon trying to open our front door, I realized I'd locked myself out... and neither of us had our keys. BLAH. I called the appt. manager- she lives 2 blocks away but had just given all the keys to the owner-- who had just been at our appt. -- but had just left and did not have a cell phone -- and lives 20 min. away. (WHY do you not have a cell phone if you own apartments???) OH, and I went out in just a polo so I was freezing and had to wear Z's GIANT Carhart jacket he uses to work on the cars. At the thought of being stuck out there for another hour, I sucked up the embarrassment about my attire, and wandered over to the other building where two guys were outside and asked them if they'd seen the landlord. After looking at me strangely, they said no and I walked back. Darn. So then Z decides we're going to try to break in. Luckily, I'd left the little above-the-sink window unlocked and we got it open. I wish you could have seen Z climbing up there & over the sink to get in- what a champ! :) Ugh. Remind me not to do that again.


Lindsey said...

WOW! Productive and fun!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oh my word. Carhart and breaking into your own place, Sunday had just a little bit too much excitement!

C said...

haha Leah- I agree!