Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Randoms

  • Apparently, Dayton is the 5th most 'empty' city (based on vacant houses and rentals) in the US. Yikes! Not where I live, but it's where I work. Ugh.
  • No lbs. lost this week. Blah. Probably those cookies I made for Valentines day. BUT, my body fat percentage went down 3%! I spent an hour on the elliptical Monday, 45 min. yesterday, and I'm planning on another hour today. I figure if I keep doing it, it'll feel like NOTHING before long!
  • It's really cloudy and blah here today.. but the boss is gone so that brightens the mood! :)
  • I've been searching for a neat design to embroider on a matching pillow for this one. Well, I whipped out trusty google image search, and came up with the following ideas. What I need from you is your vote on which one I should go with. Note: I don't like birds, so those suggestions probably would fall on deaf ears. I'm really starting to like the cherry blossom idea.. Remember though, I want to go with the same embroidery pattern on the first pillow, so everything would be more of an outline. I could do just a branch.... OR- a whole tree! Please Excuse some of the funky pix- they're just to get an idea!


Aliya said...

Cute pillow!

S. said...

love all of them!! especially the pink flowers. so cute!