Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Randoms

EASY Dinner Idea: (as executed last night)

You need:
  • Whole grain thin spaghetti (or whatever pasta) (~$1.50)
  • A bag of stir-fry veggies (~$1.50)
  • Italian Dressing (I used Kraft red pepper & parmesan Italian)
  • Various spices (I used garlic salt, italian seasoning, and parsley)
  • Veggie oil
  • Meat- optional
Cook pasta. Add dressing and spices.
Cook veggies in a little veggie oil until they're starting to get browned, add spices.
If you want meat, mix it in with the veggies.
Top pasta with veggies/meat.

*I think the Parmesan in the dressing gives it a really good texture
*Add salt to taste
*Z ate it with some of the pulled pork I made him on Friday. I ate it sans meat. Both loved it.

Identity theft?Hackers?

Sunday I got a call from my credit card company saying that there was a $1 charge on my account that was suspicious, and sure enough, I hadn't authorized it! So, they're cancelling that card & sending me a new one. Freaky!!

Need for Organization

I recently have decided that I need to tackle a couple projects: a cleaning schedule and a menu plan. So hold me to it! I plan on doing both of them this weekend.

Shaping Up

As I've told you before, my family is coming to visit in the end of March. My mom and I were on the phone the other night and talking about wanting to be in better shape. She lost 15 lbs. for my wedding in November, and I probably lost a few(didn't keep track), but with the holidays and my honeymoon, we've been slacking ever since. So.. we decided to commit to lose 10 lbs. before they come to visit. 10 is a stretch for me because my body seems to want to stay at this ho-hum weight no matter what I do, but I figure if I blog about it, it'll keep me accountable! So.. I weighed in 2 days ago(Sunday) and I'll let you know this coming Sunday if I made any progress. I've been going to the Y & trying to cut all the carbs in my diet. I swear.. I'm a carb junkie- bread, cereal, pasta- it's what I crave & am used to since I didn't eat meat for so long.. so here it goes! I know Lindsay @ Learning to be a Wife is doing the same thing, so we're going to cheer eachother on!

That's all for now! Happy middle of the week!! :)


mrs.leah.maria said...

Now that's an update! Love the recipe suggestion, boo to hacking, lol good luck at being organized {I don't even try anymore :)}. I commend you and your Mom on the weight challenge! I look forward to hearing your progress!

Lindsey said...

Love the recipe, I am going to make this!

Oh my goodness, I am a carb junkie too!

We can do this! I'm cheering you on! We are so gonna rock it! I can't wait for your next update!!