Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eye Candy

If you love home inspiration photos, prepare to drool.. My Inspiration Photo file is getting pretty full, and I'm completely torn between the new trend of calm, airy colors, and the dramatic ones here and there. I thought I wanted all these dramatic, moody colors in my next home, but now that I see all these serene, totally classy, light-colored rooms I'm having second thoughts. It's not like we're buying a house any time soon, but a girl has to plan for these things, right?? Anyway, feast your eyes, ladies!!
The more bold tones I loved:These pillows are actually from Kmart I believe (go figure!), but I love the colors- they're very similar to the tones we already have in our house.I always thought i wanted a red kitchen, and I love this one- from a lovely lady on the nest- I'm sorry I can't remember who! Oh, and this serves as proof to Z that black furniture is pretty.
I'm loving the Navy & Blue found @ Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper. Check out this Living room:
Honestly, the octopus on the wall freaks me out, but I really like the colors in the rest of the room.Another Mrs. Howard bedroom- I love the black and white!! Throw in a little damask fabric, and I'd be sold (it's a recent obsession).And what's better than black & white?? Black, white, and YELLOW! Not sure I'd paint my walls yellow, but I love the colors. This is from Decor Report.

I think the challenge with bold colors is choosing wisely- too bold and you look like a teeny-bopper! Like the whole Aqua & Orange trend- it just looks juvenile to me (sorry if that offends anyone!) :) So.. I think the light colors are an easy way to play it safe & look really classy at the same time. The only down side I see- light colored furniture/linens = cleaning nightmare. You don't really want a pretty room that you're afraid to spend any time in! :)

Here's some Mrs. Howard faves, again..
And, a little safer with the chocolate furniture:Okay, now here's the last bunch from another fave design blog, Things that Inspire:
Okay, that's it, I promise. I've probably caused you to OD on pictures by now, so I'll end here. But what do you think? Bold? Light? Can you do both in one house and still remain cohesive? I'm hoping so, because I don't think I'll be able to choose. :)


Habbala said...


Sorry for the all caps. Really excited. :)

C said...

haha glad you like them girl! :)

Life at the White House said...

hi there-

very pretty! i think you can do both as long as the colors "work" together and there is a flow from room to room. how fun - i'm addicted to planning my perfect dream home and have a huge file w/ photos similar to these. love it!