Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happenings in the 'Hood [Intro]

God has led my life through some very entertaining times. I grew up in the country. Like.. 2 hrs. from a half decent mall in NORTHERN New England. Then, I came to the Midwest for college, and somehow found myself stuck here thanks to the lovely thing we all know as love. [Of course, we met in the south, but that's a different story.] I lived very 'urban' while dating Z- his sister and I shared one side of a duplex ~1 mile from downtown Dayton (not a big city, but hey, it was for us country bumkins!) while Z & a couple friends of his lived on the other side. It was tons of fun, and produced a lot of stories. Now, Z and I have migrated into 'Suburbia' or 'Development Land' as I like to call it.

Looking back, I laugh at all the memories.. so, rather than keep the Happenings to myself, I've decided to share them with you! These are the stories of my experiences with different lifestyles. Enjoy :) Here's a little preview in pictures, because I just hate posting w/o pictures!! :)
The Country Years
(taken by myself after a good hike up to the top!)
The Beginnings of Life in the Midwest.
(trip to the beach on Lake Michigan)
Z's family's area of the midwest... FLAT.

The Urban Years
And finally, the Suburban years.

Stay tuned!! :)


Lindsey said...

You guys are so stinkin' cute!! Love these pics!

ryan @ Purple Handbag said...

wow you are so cute on the picture..really cute.