Monday, August 10, 2009

A Pretty Night Out

Z and I spent Friday night hanging out with his grandparents. They're so fun, and we love doing things with them. They decided to drive our way, so we thought we'd show them a little bit of downtown. Care to take the tour yourself??

We ate at one of my personal faves- the Coldwater Cafe. The history of this place is just so neat. It was previously a bank, and has kept a lot of the original architectural features. There are private dining rooms in old offices, and even a dining room in the old vault.. which is where we decided to eat.

I have to hand it to whomever designed this place- it's beautiful! This was a hutch/wall display had the prettiest stoneware & china! (Sorry for the fuzziness!)

Although I'm not in love with the wallpaper, the bathrooms are beautiful as well, complete with REAL towels to wipe your hands, and a little settee.

Even the toilet paper is arranged all pretty!

On Friday and Saturday nights there is live music played in the lobby/bar area. (fuzzy again)

Some of the decor:

Perhaps my favorite part of the entire cafe is the entry, with this gorgeous old safety box display.

After dinner we took a stroll around town. There was a jazz concert taking place on a blocked-off street. I loovee jazz so we stopped and listened for a bit.

Free carriage rides were offered for kids.

There are some beautiful looking antique stores.. too bad they're only open til 5!!

I just loved the window displays in these stores, so I snapped some pictures! Too bad you can't really see them! Forgive my amateur skills!

This woman was doing watercolors of the town on the sidewalk.

Such talent!!

It was a great night! We just love our little town. If only we were looking at buying a house here.. but unfortunately, real estate prices are sky-high. Not exactly a newlywed's scene.

Here's the final group shot we snapped before heading home:


Heather said...

That looks very cool. That bathroom is awesome!!

Lindsey said...

Aw what a neat town!!

KennyandBeth said...

How adorable. Grandparents are AWESOME! :)

Lucy Marie said...

Sounds great. It is so wonderful that you have a great relationship with his grandparents.

Courtney said...

What a cute looking town!

Annie said...

aw, looks like such a fun evening!
i wish there were little cute towns like that near me.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Love the photos!

Jorden and Kristin said...

that is an amazing restaurant! looks like you guys had a great weekend! :)

S. said...

your downtown is so whimsical! i love it!

La Nouvelle Femme said...

That restaurant is so cool! I love the dining room in the vault! It looks like you had a fun time with the grandparents!

Jon and Steph said...

What an adorable town, and that restaurant is awesome! Looks like you had a fun night!

Cristina said...

what a pretty little town! It's nice that you have a great relationship with Z's grandparents