Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Wifey FAIL

I was home sick from work yesterday- I woke up at 4am throwing up. Fun stuff. I did start feeling better later on though, and got some stuff done. I decided to clean out the fridge. So, since we believe in brutal honesty around here... here's the items I pulled out of the fridge that had mold on them. Eek.. can't believe I'm showing you all this...

This is my good wifey FAIL of the month. Gosh.

And you want to know what's worse??

Thought so.

That old guacamole fell off the stack of my leaning tower of shame and spilled on my kitchen rug. Thank the LORD it's black. Z doesn't know about that one.. let's not tell him, k?

Alright ladies- now that I've let you in on my shortcomings as a cute little perfect wife.. let's hear yours. If only to make me feel better...

What are your good wifey FAILs??

**PS- I added the "Organization" label to this post... Baahahaha.... **


d.a.r. said...

Um there was that one time when I washed his uniforms and hadn't checked his pockets {which I maintain is TOTALLY his fault, I am NOT his mommy} and ruined two sets of uniforms...whoops!

Heather said...

Yuck, old guac!
My (pre) wifey fail is that we have been living off of cereal and eggs for 2 weeks because we are so busy and have NO food in the house.

Domestic Goddess said... fridge totally looks like that sometimes too!

1. i have no groceries either bc we've been out of town so much
2. the mr folds clothes better than i do..i just shove them in the drawer!
3. i washed his blue tooth once! end of that one.

great post idea!

b is for brown said...

no wonder you are sick. you poor thing. :(

i kid though about the stuff. i do that more often than i would like to admit.

Carol said...

Oh no!! I did a fridge clean out a few weeks ago and it was not pretty. It was my "future wifey in one year" fail! :)

New England Girl said...

I am not a wifey yet, nor do I live with my boyfriend at the moment, so I don't have anything to contribute! Once we are living together, I'm sure the list of fails will pile up quickly! :)

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun... especially this time of year! *hugs*!

La Nouvelle Femme said...

My fridge occasionally accumulates stuff like that too!

My wifey fail is that I put off doing laundry a few times for such a long time that J complained that he was almost out of underwear! Oops.

Annie said...

oh my gosh, that is too funny!
i clean my fridge out weekly, lol!
if i didn't, it would probably be full of stuff like this as well ;)
you are feeling all better now!

MG said...

I try to clean out my fridge each week, but even then a little mold grows from time to time. Once I had to throw away a pyrex it was so bad, I can't believe I'm sharing that!

Vanessa said...

My wifey fail... we got a new cord for the dryer because the one that was already on it didn't fit properly into the socket at our old apartment. It didn't look right so I wanted to see if it would fit (this was before it was connected to the dryer and still in the packaging). SO What do I do? I stick it in! Out comes the sparks, the bang, and the smoke - it fit but all of the connection points that would normally be hocked to the dryer were touching and hence the electrical surge.

I screamed, "Oh my God!" and Charley looked at me like I was the biggest loser in the world.

"What the did you do THAT for!"
"I didn't know it would do that!"
"Well what did you THINK it would do?"
"I don't know!!!"

Could have been a WHOLE lot worse... but still my ultimate FAIL.

ugh... so stupid... lol

Lucy Marie said...

My wifey fail is opposite of this. So many times we open the fridge and there is practically nothing in there.

S. said...

i think it has been a general fail that lately being pregnant has caused me to think mostly about myself and the baby and what we need but less about what B needs so I have been really REALLY trying to reach out to him and help him out. like last night i gave him an awesome foot rub without him asking for one. ;)

Cristina said...

I am with Lucy, sometimes all we have in the fridge is an organge and some stale need to be a better planner. I clean out the moldy stuff once a week right before garbage day (usually hubs works late so he doesn't see this!)

Rebecca said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment about breakup. I know that God is in control, and he has the perfect man out there just for me.

Jen said...

Ha, ha! I totally cleaned out a fridge and had a pile like this last week... Unfortunately, we don't have a dishwasher, so it's a big, nasty punishment for myself - sometimes I'll leave stuff that I know is molding a little longer just because I don't want to wash it then. So gross!

Hope you're feeling better!

Troy & Amy said...

The refrigerator is my main wifey fail. I hear it's other wives too - the crisper has been dubbed the rottener for one couple I know! - LOL! I give the refrigerator a complete overhaul twice a year - meaning I take absolutely everything out of the frig and clean it so good you can eat off of the shelves. I use clorox wipes in between the cleanings though - but it still seems to get bad.

The other fail seems to be laundry - but I think I'm getting better at that now.

The Ratpack said...

oh my gosh - you are not alone! Our fridge has looked like that a time or two...or ten.

Isn't old guacamole the grossest ever?! I make my husband wash it out, because i will gag!