Monday, January 12, 2009

A Zumba Romance

Zumba and I met about 6 months ago. It was love at first beat. She let me mess up, even miss a few big dates, but was always there with her energy and wonderfully latin music. I, however, was unfaithful. I left her for a few months... met back up at a different gym... then left her again for my wedding, honeymoon, and the holidays. But all that's over now.. and I've come back yet again. Oh, how I missed Zumba. We could totally have a future together.. if it weren't for that one ugly habit she has.... the shimmy. I simply cannot do it. I try.. and, well, my shoulders just aren't the part of me shimmying. :( I'll stick with you, Zumba, just ignore my shimmys and I'll ignore your 12-year-old-I'm-too-young-for-clubbing-so-I-sneak-into-Zumba followers. :)

Note:Author has no ties to the ZUMBA Fitness company, nor was paid for this plug. :)


Kristin said...

i heart zumba. i want to purchase the dvds. i wish AU gym would teach a class!!

i think white girls just aren't made to shimmy! because i sure dont shimmy either!

C said...

haha It's good to know I'm not the only one!! :)