Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm LISTening..

Lately, I've become obsessed with lists. Probably because I'm bound determined to master this working housewife thing. Here are my lists for this week:
  • Grocery list (trying to save trips for the weekend and do it all at once)
  • Random Items needed (patch for Z's work jeans, shower drain stopper, etc.)
  • Detailed lists of home improvements (must expound on that)
Items needed / Items already possessed in order to complete the look for each room
Projects to work on (refinishing/painting furniture)
Where organization efforts are needed
  • Fun ideas for my family's trip out here in March
  • Dinners/Recipes I plan to cook and when
Of the many areas of my lists that I could expound further on.. I must talk about my ideas for our spare room/office.

See.. we're in an apartment. How do you go about making it look like "yours" without painting or any of the other things you're not allowed to alter? That's where I turned to my nestie girls for help! I posed a question about that room- how to coordinate my colors & make the room "flow" a little better, and they came through for me!

Since we received a lot of Aqua/Brown things for our wedding (those were our colors), we have no choice but to make use of those things in this room. Here's some ideas:
  • White down comforter w/ aqua/brown quilt folded in half over end of bed (both gifts) See right.. maybe I'll get an aqua duvet..
  • Lots of white/aqua/brown pillows:

I have to DIY this pillow with my leftover ribbon! Adorable or what?? [Will post instructions once attempted..]

  • Brown bedskirt
  • DIY curtain rods: wooden dowels painted brown w/ a metallic finish & fancy end 'things'
  • Sheer swag curtains- don't need full curtains- our blinds are always closed
  • DIY headboard.. possibly like this one found on the Trading Spaces site
Only maybe without that top row.. I don't know if I like it that high..
  • Refinish or paint the dresser we already have in that room
  • Purchase a new computer desk.. probably Craigslist it.. which means possibly refinishing that as well!
Whew! So that's the list so far! Whatcha think??

Sidenote... I cannot walk properly today.. more on that later. :)

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