Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Introducing... yours truly!

Well, here it is! The post that fought it's way out of my head and onto this blog- the obligatory first post introduction. This will be a little snapshot into my first year as a newlywed.. my attempts at learning to cook meat, keep an apartment organized, understand the mystery that is my husband's mind, and run a solid budget. Because I dislike the use of personal info. online, we'll just call me C, and the hubby Z, our first initials. Why blog you say? Well, chances are if you're reading this, you're a fellow blogger and understand the obvious reasons. But, let me expound upon my personal reasons and explain to the non-blogging world by one would take their time to write things that people may never read anyway.
  • I'm addicted to other blogs & enjoy reading them
  • My addiction led to many occasions like the following:
*something interesting and somewhat halarious happens*

C's thoughts: hmm.. I wish I had a blog. Then I'd blog about this ridiculous event.

*thinks to self for a moment*

thoughts again: "Ehh, nevermind. I'll get around to it sometime."

So, eventually (meaning today), I got sick of it and gave in.
  • I have family back home (New England) and find it very difficult to tell the same story a billion times to each member. Writing it seemed easier.
  • I figured if I posted about my attempts at budgeting, cooking, interior design, and the like, it would keep me accountable.
  • Lastly... well, I think my meager selection of funny stories is enough to keep someone entertained for a few minutes. :)
And before I close out this inaugural post, I must credit some of my fav. blogs who led to this- All things G&D, Newlywedisms by Brynn, marital bless, Fabulously Broke in the City. Thanks ladies!


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