Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Find!

So this weekend was the first since our wedding that we didn't have somewhere to go, or something big planned, and it was wonderful! Saturday was so relaxing.. for an early dinner Z suggested we go to a place he'd seen while driving for work- The Coldwater Cafe. It was great! It has a very warm, small town feel, yet a classy, almost tuscan style. I had their Chicken Tortilla Soup, and it was A-Maze-Ing!! Z had the Coldwater Burger and his reaction was, "This is how much meat should be in a sandwich!". I hadn't been to Tipp's old downtown before, so even though it was cold, we took a little walk around. When it's warmer, I might have to end up in the shop I saw for "Elegant Home Designs".. ah, to dream! (And of course go with Mom when they come out in March) :)

So.. if you're ever in the area- check it out!!


Beth said...

Let me also suggest Harrison's! They are pretty great too!

C said...

We saw them while walking around, and actually decided that would be our next night out! haha Thanks!