Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trip Highlights

So.. I didn't actually get this post done last night, but hey! it's up now!

I'll try to go in order. Friday we went skiing.. I LOVE skiing, and the midwest well.. there are no "mountains"- I suppose we could stretch it and call them hills. These are the before pictures(before getting frrozzzenn, before all of us wiping out on an ungroomed trail Z decided to take us down, before stuffing our faces with the lodge's famous fries..)
My parents, Z, & I

Other than it being freezing, the skiing was amazing. MOST of the trails were freshly groomed and pretty much no one had been on them- the rest of the world was working! We didn't run into any ice, and other than that one "oops" trail Z led us down, we had a blast!

Dog stuck in snow.. :) (below)
This is Kobie. He's a Welsch Corgi. He's very fat and has very short legs. Thus.. when he plows through the snow to get to the door.. he can't turn around or turn sideways.. and of course it doesn't occur to him to back up.. this was too cute! :)

Also for your cuteness viewing pleasure... My little cousin Chloe- showing some team spirit for my sisters' HS basketball game (colors=blue&white).
She was my flower girl by the way! :)

Okay, that's all for now! I won't overwhelm you with photos any longer! :)

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Lindsey said...

So fun!! Love the pics! And your flower girl is adorable!