Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

And Rabbit Rabbit!! [For those of you who have no idea why I just said that- My mom told us that a professor of hers in college told them that if you say Rabbit Rabbit to people on the first day of the month before they can say it to you, then you'll have good luck for that month. Personally, I don't believe in luck- it's just a competitive little game that I partake in. And since I've been beat by my mother, one sister, husband and high school friend already this morning, I had to say it to all of you to make myself feel better. :)]

Anyway... I tried to think of a crafty little April Fools joke for all of you, but I have too much to do at work today to come up with one. So, instead, I figured I'd share what I view as the best practical joke I ever fell for.

I went to a Christian Academy in high school, and for some reason the students and teachers seemed to be into the whole April Fools thing. Like, once the teachers were all in on faking getting 2 friends and myself in trouble- detention slip and all. Another time I convinced a teacher to photocopy an amusing picture of a friend onto the back of all the quizzes he gave out that day. Great fun. But the greatest prank of all - hands down - was played on the entire student body and faculty by my genius mastermind computer teacher.

Just so you can fully appreciate this- this guy is a genuine, self-admitted computer whiz geek. And, that is not derogatory at all. He's brilliant. K, so here's the story:

It's about 11am and my headmaster comes over the intercom with an announcement. We should say a prayer because there has been an internet-based attack on Christians by Islam extremists. If teachers were willing, the computer lab was open for classes to come in and view what was going on. So, pretty much every class took their turn filing into the lab and checking out the situation.

We were told we could view the story at The front page of their website told the story: Islam extremist computer hackers had somehow taken over the internet, and EVERYWHERE the word "Christian" appeared, it had been changed to "Islam" or "Islamic".

At first we didn't believe it, but then the computer teacher told us to go to any website we wanted and see for ourselves. So we did, and sure enough- it was changed. Every. Single. Time. We were shocked, as were our teachers.

Well, we went to lunch, and it was the talk of the cafeteria. No one could believe it! Other April Fools jokes were going on everywhere, but no one questioned this!

Towards the end of the school day, I happened to be in the main floor hallway and saw my computer teacher heading into the headmaster's office. I wondered what was up.

Minutes later, the headmaster comes over the intercom again and announces in an amused tone that "Mr. S has fooled us all". Yep, somehow he'd found a way to pull this all off. I still don't get how he did it. None of us do. Like I said - genius. And best April-Fooler ever.


Lindsey said...

You def motivated me to buy the 30 day shred. I can't wait for it to get here!

Kristina said...

just found your blog- too cute! happy april fool's day to you!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Holy crap! That's one guy with way too much time and talent on his hands lol!