Thursday, April 23, 2009

Budget Friendly Idea #4

First, thank you all so much for your sweet comments on the last post! I love you guys! :)

Budget Friendly Idea #4- Do It Yourself, Darnit!

This is an obvious one in some areas- but there are also lots of things we could do ourselves that we don't normally think of. Like...
  • Sew it! Even if you're a beginner, you can do so many things. Especially decorating items for your home. Grab a coupon and head to your local craft or fabric store. For $5-$10, you can whip up throw pillows that usually run $75+ and for $20-$30 you can create gorgeous curtains that usually cost upwards of $100. And, if you're lucky enough to find great remnant fabrics, you can do it even cheaper- check out these bad boys I finished up last night for about $5:
They were so easy & I finally found fabric that was dark enough brown to match my bedset. Perfect! Oh, and a hint with these types of curtains: hang them a little higher than normal. Too many times I've seen them done low & it makes the window look too 'covered up' & dark.
  • Another area I decided to DIY was my hair. I couldn't justify $80+ every time my roots needed to be touched up, so I braved the box kits! And here are the before & afters: Worked just great!
  • This one will only work if you've got a little bit of a natural knack for this stuff, but Z has decided to DIY any car repairs he can. Personally, I think it's so that he can buy more tools, but it does save us a lot in the long run! Tonight he was out in the garage rotating our tires. I love that man! :) And, I firmly believe that ANYONE can change their own oil. Yes, even this girly girl can! Thanks to my Daddy!
Rather than name all the other tried & true DIY projects, I'd love to hear about what you DIY! So, do tell!


Beka said...

I've started to DIY greeting cards. Not only are they cheaper but they have a personal touch which I love giving!

Leslie G said...

You have beautiful curly hair!!

Cristina said...

Hubs and I are DIY-ing our basement renovations...and I am talking framing, drywall, floor - the works! We are trying to save as much money as we can with this project, thank Goodness I am not afraid to pick up a hammer or paint brush!

Lindsey said...

Gosh I love love love your curly hair!!!

B said...

AWESOME CURTAINS!!=) I've been doing my own highlights too!!! (okay so only two times but i'm the girl who can barely handle ponytails lol so for me that's impressive!!) Anyways, i gotta share--- SALLY'S!!! yes i know it's mostly for those who are cosmetologist's and get GREAT discounts BUT get this-- in January i bought a little tub (8 OZ) of "kaleidocolors" hair dye powder (its by clairol) and creme color developer, a pkg of 5 caps w/ a metal hair pulley thing (haha) for $25!!!!!! and i've used it on my cousin and myself (atleast 4 times!!!!) and still have half the tub left!!!!!!!!!!!! super easy to use and even your hubby can help by pulling your hair through --- it's a really great bonding activity! =)