Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ants in My Pants

No seriously. I can't focus. I have my Pandora radio at work on my hip hop station so I can release some of the excited energy flowin through this girl's veins!! A little "Heartless" by Kanye anyone?? When I'm sure no one can see me, I may or may not be bouncing around a little in my chair.

Like seriously, I'm on this level:Only clearly not about bacon.



I can't say. Well I could. But don't think I should. Yet.

I know. I'm a terrible blog-friend. Two teases in one day.

But I promise it will be SO worth it once I tell you. I just don't want to speak too soon! But ooohhh girls, I am one happy little blonde at the moment!

And btw, if you don't hate me for this, then I'll swear you're all the best blog-friends ever. Much love ladies, much love.


Cristina said...

You tease! Hahaha, I love the suspense :)

G+D said...

Hmmmm...what could it be? Sounds exciting!

Liana said...

his CD is pretty good to if you like that song! girl, teasing is no fun...can't wait!

d.a.r. said...

Girl you are killing me!!!!!