Monday, July 20, 2009

My Husband, the Superhero

This post is dedicated to the brave antics of the boy I married.

[We were on vacation in Maine. There are lots of bugs in Maine. Bats like bugs.]

It was a beautiful evening. Our last night of vacation seemed like the perfect time for the family to head out and have a camp fire. And camp fire we did! We were roasting our marshmallows to perfection & chowing down on s'mores.. when those nasty black creatures that live in the dark started swooping down at us.

[Quick story: My mom's an E.R. nurse. She once told us a story about a girl sleeping in an old house. The girl had big black curly hair. While she was sleeping a bat got in the room and when swooping down, it got caught in her hair. In it's struggle to get away, it bit her. Long story short, they killed the bat, and brought the girl to the ER with the bat still in her hair.]

So.. having heard this story, my sisters and I (whom all have crazy curly hair) put our hoods up & covered with blankets. No nasty bat was getting in our hair. But still.. a little freaky that they were around, right?

So back to the bugs. They were out that night, and biting! And I had capris on. So I went back into the cottage to get some wind pants. I had forgotten that the front screen door had been sticking. So I came back out of the bedroom with my pants half up (you do it too..) only to see a dark shadow fly across the room. "B-- BBbbaa-- Bbbaatttt!!", I screamed as I ran out the side door.

That, of course sent my sisters into a tizzy and we huddled together as Z, my dad, and M (sister's boyfriend) looked in the windows to locate the devil.

Well, the boys put on hats, grabbed our badminton rackets, and headed inside to rescue us. Because you know we weren't setting foot in there til he was out!

After many valiant attempts at wacking him, the boys remained victory-less. So they tried to phsyc him out. They shut the lights off and went outside. Z stayed inside with the laptop to work on his sermon.

Finally, M went back inside and turned the lights on. They both spotted the bat at the same time and went into stealth-mode. The cottage has a loft on one side and catedral ceilings on the other. Z climbed up into the loft to get a little height advantage, and advantage it was.

During one swoop across the room, Z took a wide, hard swing and wacked that nasty creature straight up against the kitchen wall (our guess is he was traveling at least 40 mph). It then flopped down into the kitchen sink where M trapped it with his racket. My dad then ran inside and drowned the thing in the sink.

Us girls were just now starting to creep toward the door. Imagine our relief when we saw my dad emerge from the kitchen with two plastic cups held together, telling us the devil was dead! He carried it out to the fire in the cups and tossed all 3 in (sorry, environment! lol). If you've never seen burning bat.. it's nasty.

I proclaimed my love for my bat-killer over and over agin that night. Ahh.. my hero. :)

We later slept soundly knowing our abode was bat-free. AND, we made sure that darn screen door got shut just as soon as anyone walked through the door.

We now joke that we baptized and cremated that animal all in the same night.

Oh, the memories....


Lucy Marie said...

What a funny story. That's one to remember for years and years to come.

S. said...

what a nice husband. men are so great like that.

Lindsey said...

Hahaha! What a guy!

Justine said...

Ohmygoodness, I would have DIED if I had a bat come in while I was changing!! What a wonderful husband :)

A said...

ewwww! thank goodness he was able to get rid of the bat!

in regard to p90x...they send you a resistance band thing (which is..just ok for most of it) but i think we're going to get a chin up bar and maybe some free weights. you should check ebay for used dvds...i felt so stupid for NOT checking before we bought it!

Jorden and Kristin said...

lol while jorden was in italy i had a bat come into our apartment! my friend and i FREAKED out and of course the two guys i would have called to have take care of it (my dad and jorden) were in italy! Thankfully jorden's little brother came over and saved us but I was so freaked out I couldn't even sleep!

b is for brown said...

that is a goooooood hubby!