Tuesday, July 7, 2009

25th Anniversary Party

So, I had to wait til now to tell you all what was keeping me so busy last week- I was planning a surprise 25th Anniversary party for my parents. Of course I was planning from 1200 miles away, so it was a little challenging, but everything came together on Sunday.

We held it at our little cottage on the lake that we're staying at this week (yay! for internet access- I'm ready to catch up on your blogs!). My aunt made a beautiful cake:

Pretty much everything was silver & white:

(Oops... ran out of time to get a picture of them in there..)

It's been super cloudy and chilly since we've gotten here, but the rain held off and our day really wasn't bad at all!

My little cousin served the cake:

We also brought out the top layer of my wedding cake.. even though it didn't look too pretty.. haha :)

Z, Me, Mom, & Dad.. let's ignore my pastiness... :)

More to come on the vacay & pictures! :)


Lucy Marie said...

Looks like you threw an awesome party. I love the top you're wearing in that last photo!

Habbala said...

Everything looks so pretty!!! Good job!

Liana said...

everything looks lovely! i bet they loved that you did that for them :) 25 years thats awesome!

New England Girl said...

WOW- what a nice surprise!! I bet they were thrilled. :) How sweet of you to plan it, too... We had one ages and ages ago [my parents are celebrating 38 years together this Saturday] and I am looking forward to the next party! :)

So glad you guys had a good time. Great job on the party. :)

Michele said...

Looks like a beautiful party! That was so nice of you to do from so far away! Oh and girl, you are not pasty. You look great!

Carol said...

Wow!! Everything looks so lovely, you did a great job! and what a beautiful family you have!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Nice work! Your cousin is too cute and you are NOT pasty lol.