Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Whew! Where were we again? Apparently I get an F in blogging lately. But then again.. life gets in the way, and sometimes it's good to take a break. What have I been up to?? Let me fill you in.

Left for Kentucky Friday. Got there just before dark. Set the tent up All.By.Myself. Tried to sleep even though my back was yelling at me for the minimal padding between it and the ground. Woke up. Jumped on the back of Z's 4-wheeler, and rode around for a few hours. Held on for dear life while getting covered in dust. Had fun though. Went back to campsite for lunch. Washed grit out of my teeth and ate a PB&J. Took a nap with A (Z's cousin's wife) while the boys (Z & said cousin) did some "real" 4-wheeling. [sidenote: apparently it's not real 4-wheeling unless you're doing like 55 mph in the woods] Drove to the "lake" with A, only to find out it was filled with algae & would no way get me any cleaner than I was. Went back to campsite. Took "shower" in little water spiget that came 2 feet high out of a concrete slab. Felt fresh again. All was well. Boys got back. Made supper over the campfire. MMMmmm, pizza pie! Made s'mores. Colapsed into sleeping bag. Woke up, ate muffin. Packed up all our gear. Took the tent down All.By.Myself. Did a wee bit more 4-wheeling. Headed home.

If you just read that, you're a trooper, and I love you. :) The only pic. I have with me at work is this one, of our campsite.

Once we got home we showered & went to the viewing for my boss. We waited in line for 3 hours just to see the family, but I wasn't annoyed at all. I was so happy that many people were there. The estimate was 1,000 people. Crazy. It was pretty tough, not gonna lie. Seeing so many pictures of him, and momentos from his office on display was such a stark reminder that he wasn't there anymore.

I had monday off for the funeral, and so Z took it off too. We went an hour early just to get seats. If I thought the viewing was tough.. whew! The funeral was way worse. They opened it up for people to share memories of him, and several people barely choked through theirs to get words out. Like I'd said before, he crashed with his good friend, who survived the accident with minimal hurt. Well, his friend was there, sitting a couple rows in front of us. He got up spoke only a few words because he was so choked up- he said that he didn't understand, didn't know why he hadn't seen him that night, that he was such a good friend, etc. Oh my gosh.. there wasn't a dry eye in the place! The line of cars to go to the graveside was so long they had intersections blocked off and police escorts. It was hard, but I'm doing well. Please continue to pray for his family- It's going to be a long time before anything feels normal for them again.

After all of that was over, my WONDERFUL hubby took me south for a little retail therapy. We hit up a new outlet mall, and somehow I only walked away with one shirt from JCrew. Don't know how that happened! We went to Ikea after and let's just say.. I walked away with slightly more than that. :) Check out Project Pretty in a day or so to see what we scored.

Now, we're all unpacked, the house is cleaned up, and we're back to work. Still feels eerie looking down the hall at a closed door, but life is going on. And that's what he would have wanted.


mrs.leah.maria said...

WOW. Camping and 4-wheeling sounded brutal. Don't you love how hanging on for dear life can be fun? Lol.

What a great turnout for your boss. I hope it was what you needed as well.

New England Girl said...

Your camping trip sounds like the weekend you needed. I'm glad you had fun, even if I am slightly jealous that you got s'mores! :)

I am still keeping you and your family in my prayers. I know things are tough, but indeed, life goes on. We're all here for you! xoxo.

Anonymous said...

your husband sounds like a real winner.... a true "wifey fail" would be to let him continue with behaviors like playing while you did all the dirty work this weekend ( in a bit you'll not only be worn out and sick of it but it'll be cause for multiple fights)- he needs to man-up and participate!! taking you out for "retail therapy" isn't a free pass for being a lazy ass! on the positive side, glad you're feeling better- sounds like your boss was a great guy & will be missed for a while-- congratulations on staying strong and being there for your co-workers & his family!

Amy Lynn said...

The boyfriend tells me it's not REAL 4 wheeling when I'm on the back. I say, "How rude!"

Katie said...

Oh retail therapy...I heart you.

C said...

Dear Anon.- I believe I've given you the wrong impression. My husband is in no way lazy. I should have mentioned that while I was setting up & taking down the tent, he was hauling stuff to & from the car. My husband works hard all week long, and I wanted to give him a weekend doing something he loves, so I honestly didn't mind even if I did more "work" than him this weekend. The reason he took me shopping was simply because he knows I enjoy it. That's what we do for each other- put our own preferences aside & do things the other enjoys. Sorry I didn't clarify this enough. Hope your opinion has changed!

S. said...

i'm so proud of you for being strong! you have had a really tough couple of weeks and to see you do something fun for yourself, like camping, is great. that always makes me feel better. :)

Annie said...

i'm glad you got away, i bet it was nice :)
you set up a tent all by yourself!! you go girly!!
s'mores and pizza pie...i'm starving now!

that's so awesome to hear how many people showed up for the funeral. your boss must have been a wonderful man as you have said :) stay strong sweet girl, keep your positive attitude. i will keep his family in my prayers.

how sweet of your hubby to take you out for some retail therapy! can't wait to see what your doing with your finds from ikea!

p.s. someone must not follow your blog often to make those assumptions of your hubby.

Lucy Marie said...

Wow you've been busy. I hope you're feeling refreshed and renewed. Setting up the tent by yourself, A+ for you!

d.a.r. said...

So glad you got to get away :)

Krista said...

sounds like a busy weekend!

Hope you were able to take a moment and enjoy it.

It's not surprising that you got that tent up all by yourself--weren't you always the one who could start a fire without matches?? :o)

Krista said...

Oh! And I remember some fabulous times we had on the 4 wheelers. It was definitely 'REAL'! You're a daredevil!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Especially ending it with retail therapy!